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No. Product info Category Title Posted by Date Views Recommend Rate
58 View Details CODE GLOKOLOR Mood Touch BlusherThe color might not show up on dark skin tones Popular message m**** 2023-02-22 143 0 5points
57 View Details CODE GLOKOLOR Mood Touch BlusherI bought the rosy fig color. The color is subtle, natural and very pretty. Color saturation is on the lighter side, but Popular message k**** 2021-10-25 140 0 5points
56 View Details CODE GLOKOLOR Fix-On PrimerIt’s different than other primers i used. I think this suits well for my skin! (Oily and combination) i also have Popular message h**** 2023-08-23 144 0 5points
55 View Details CODE GLOKOLOR Fix-On PrimerI got a sample of it when I bought the cushion from the same and I HAD to buy the full size!!! It really does make my ma Popular message b**** 2023-08-26 201 0 5points
54 View Details Glint Eye Palette In The StarsFirst, I was not sure colors. Second, to contrast looks. BUT! This is perfect and so easy to use and apply on eyes. C Popular message j**** 2023-05-20 142 0 5points
53 View Details Glint Eye Palette In The Starsきらっきらのラメが可愛い...︎ 特に左下のブラックネイビーカラーが珍しくてアクセントになってくれます。 さすがラメのグリント様といった仕上がりがお気に入りです! Popular message h**** 2023-05-10 145 0 4points
52 View Details Glint Eye Palette In The Starsキラキラ輝くアイボリー色の水光グリッターが可愛すぎるの! Popular message u**** 2023-04-20 138 0 5points
51 View Details Glint Eye Palette In The StarsI got other color set and love those so ordered Draw stars too. So far I love colors and texture. Highly recommend Popular message j**** 2023-06-09 135 0 5points
50 View Details Glint Eye Palette In The StarsThe light shade is especially shimmery and pretty Popular message r**** 2023-04-01 173 0 4points
49 View Details Glint Eye Palette In The Starsvery pigmented and the gliter is my absolute favorite! definitely helps give that wet look everyone has been going for Popular message k**** 2023-01-08 141 0 5points
48 View Details Glint Highlighterこのハイライターが大好きで、スティックも持ってます。クロムベビーは見た目ほどピンクにならなくて、繊細パールで可愛い! Popular message k**** 2022-08-19 195 0 5points
47 View Details Glint HighlighterThis is a beautiful pink highlighter that helps to make certain features stand out. Great quality, too. Popular message e**** 2022-07-06 119 0 5points
46 View Details Glint HighlighterThe pink color is pretty and the color pay off is good. It is glittery which wasn't what I was looking for. Overall Popular message m**** 2023-04-18 120 0 4points
45 View Details Glint HighlighterIt’s pretty. Red is very subtle but still pretty good. Popular message h**** 2023-04-03 136 0 4points
44 View Details Glint HighlighterReally like using it as a blush highlighter, color is so pretty. Beautiful glow! Popular message j**** 2023-04-01 157 0 5points

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